What to expect
Appointments last 45 minutes and to enable examination and treatment you will probably need to remove your outer clothing. You may want to bring a vest, shorts, leggings or a slip with you if you would be uncomfortable being examined in your underwear.

Before treating you, Sam will ask you questions about your medical history, work, diet and exercise and will then examine your posture to assess the problem, asking you to complete certain movements to analyse which are restricted or painful.

Treatment varies depending on the problem but is likely to consist of massaging and stretching your muscles and mobilising joints. Treatment should not be painful but you may feel a bit sore and stiff afterwards. Alternatively cranial osteopathy consists of very gentle pressure to certain areas, including the head, to release stresses. This approach is often used to treat small children and babies. At the end of your session Sam may suggest exercises to improve mobility or strengthen the affected area.

The cost of a session is £40 for adults and £35 for under-16s. Fees are payable at the end of each session. Card facilities are available.